Recursive Function

Recursive function may refer to:

  • Recursion (computer science), a procedure or subroutine, implemented in a programming language, whose implementation references itself
  • A total computable function, a function which is defined for all possible inputs

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... recursive function, defined from a particular formal model of computable functions using primitive recursion and the μ operator Recurrence relation, in mathematics, an ...
History Of The Church–Turing Thesis - Kleene
... In his paper General Recursive Functions of Natural Numbers Kleene states "A definition of general recursive function of natural numbers was suggested by Herbrand to Gödel, and was used by Gödel with ... "A recursive function (relation) in the sense of Gödel.. ... will now be called a primitive recursive function (relation) ...
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... from presentations to simple groups would have to be non-recursive ... about this is that the algebraically closed groups are so wild that none of them has a recursive presentation ... To prove this let ⟨X
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... languages (C, C++, Java, BASIC...), it is easy to write a recursive function because the function can call itself directly ... So, the factorial function might look like factorial(integer n) { if n=0 then return 1 else return n * factorial(n-1) --- recursive call to factorial } In some languages, a direct recursive call is not allowed ... In these languages, functions are values and the value for the function "factorial" hasn't been assigned yet at the time the recursive call would be made ...

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