Reclaimed Lumber

Reclaimed lumber is wood taken for re-use. Most reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses although some companies use wood from less traditional structures such as boxcars, coal mines and wine barrels. Reclaimed or antique lumber is used primarily for decoration and home building and is often used for siding, architectural details, cabinetry, furniture and flooring.

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Reclaimed Lumber - Drawbacks
... With reclaimed material being so popular, it is becoming more difficult to source ... Reclaimed lumber sometimes has pieces of metal embedded in it, such as broken off nails, so milling the material can often ruin planer knives, saw blades, and moulder knives ... of nail compatible equipment, all metal must be removed from the reclaimed lumber, which is costly and tedious process commonly achieved by scanning each piece of material with a metal detector and then manually ...

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