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Vampire Bats

Vampire bats, which primarily feed on livestock or other vertebrates, must obtain a meal every 48–72 hours or face starvation. On a given night, there are individuals that do not successfully feed. Fortunately for them, a successful individual may regurgitate their meal for the unsuccessful individual. In order for this trait to have persisted through evolutionary time, a level of recognition is necessary among individuals. An altruistic bat may refuse to regurgitate blood for another bat that has not given blood to others in the past. The mechanism for this reaction is not known.

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Common Vampire Bat - Behavior - Feeding
... The common vampire bat feeds primarily on mammalian blood, particularly that of livestock such as cattle and horses ... Vampire bats feed on wild prey like the tapir, but seem to prefer domesticated animals, and favor horses over cattle when given the choice ... Vampire bats hunt at night, using echolocation and olfaction to track down prey ...
Common Vampire Bat - Behavior - Cooperation
... Common vampire bats display a high amount of cooperative behavior ... Bats display reciprocal altruism by sharing food when a bat is unsuccessful in feeding it solicits food from a roost-mate who regurgitates blood to feed its neighbor ... This behavior likely evolved to combat starvation, as a bat cannot survive more than three nights without feeding ...
Common Vampire Bat - Physical Description
... The common vampire bat is short-haired, with silver-gray fur on its undersides, sharply demarcated from the darker fur on its back ... The bat averages about 9 cm (3.5 in) long with a wingspan of 18 cm (7 in) ... It has the fewest teeth among bats ...

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