Realizer may refer to:

  • For its use in mathematics see Order dimension
  • Realizer, a programming tool created by Actum Solutions of the Netherlands for micro-controllers, based on the concept of converting a block schematic diagram into software
  • CA-Realizer, the programming language similar to Visual Basic created by Computer Associates

Other articles related to "realizers, realizer":

... are "realized" by objects, known as "realizers", in a way that knowledge of the realizer gives knowledge about the truth of the formula ... of formulas is studied and which objects are realizers differ from one variation to another ... (which is left undefined in the BHK interpretation) is replaced with a formal notion of "realizer" ...
... CA-Realizer was a BASIC-language software development product originally developed by Within Technologies, but first commercially released by Computer Associates, as CA-Reali ... The final version was CA-Realizer 3.0, released around 1996 ... As MS Visual Basic 4.0, and later continued to advance in functionality, CA-Realizer was left behind, and was quietly retired from CA's product offerings in the late 1990s ...
Palm Products Gmb H - Computer-controlled Synthesizers and The Realizer
... Palm designed and began work on a prototype for his most ambitious project yet - the Realizer, an all-in-one studio machine which combined production, recording, sequencing, and mixing tools into one machine in ... As interest in Palm's other products waned, the cost of developing the Realizer was high enough to put PPG into serious debt ... and closed its doors in 1987 after shelving the Realizer project ...
Example: Realizability By Numbers
... Kleene's original version of realizability uses natural numbers as realizers for formulas in Heyting arithmetic ... Thus a realizer for a conjunction is a pair of realizers for the conjuncts ... Thus a realizer for a disjunction explicitly picks one of the disjuncts (with n) and provides a realizer for it (with m) ...