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Psychological Refractory Period - Results - Language
... central attention does not play a role in reading aloud ... In the PRP paradigm they were first asked to read the words aloud quickly, and then asked to respond to a tone by responding to the letter string (counterbalance order of words) ... indicated that the phonological process of reading aloud is not automatic it utilizes central attention, because reading aloud also exhibits a PRP effect ...
Jim Trelease - The Read-Aloud Handbook
... pleasure, but the students who did most often came from classrooms where teachers read aloud daily and incorporated Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) into the daily class ... was inspired to write and self-publish the first edition of The Read-Aloud Handbook in 1979 ... In The Read-Aloud Handbook (Penguin, Sixth Edition, 2006), Trelease discusses the fundamentals of reading aloud to children why to do it,when to begin, the ...
Poetry Analysis - Overview - "The Silken Tent" By Robert Frost
... a certain level of analytical skill to the experience of reading it ... When one reads this poem aloud, rhythm and meter are much less evident, much less emphatically presented than in "The Destruction of Sennacherib" ... In fact, most people who hear the poem read aloud for the first time will say that it does not rhyme and it does not have any particular rhythm ...

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    Oh Science, lift aloud thy voice that stills
    The pulse of fear,
    Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus)

    My mother ... believed fiction gave one an unrealistic view of the world. Once she caught me reading a novel and chastised me: “Never let me catch you doing that again, remember what happened to Emma Bovary.”
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)