Rc Network

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555 Timer IC - Example Applications - Joystick Interface Circuit Using The 558 Quad Timer
... of the IBM PC, the capacitor (C) of the RC network (see Monostable Mode above) was generally a 10 nF capacitor ... The resistor (R) of the RC network consisted of the potentiometer inside the joystick along with an external resistor of 2.2 kilohms ... quad timer, which would cause the capacitor (C) of the RC network to begin charging and cause the quad timer to output a pulse ...
Power-on Reset - PoR Generator
... deassert the reset signal cleanly, once the rising voltage of the RC network passes the threshold voltage of the Schmitt trigger ... values should be determined so that the charging of the RC network takes long enough that the supply voltage will have stabilised by the time the ... One of the issues with using RC network to generate PoR pulse is the sensitivity of the R and C values to the power-supply ramp characteristics ...

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