Rayleigh Criterion

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Contactless Energy Transfer - Electric Energy Transfer - Electromagnetic Radiation - Beamed Power, Size, Distance, and Efficiency
... from transmitter to receiver, the wavelength and the Rayleigh criterion or diffraction limit, used in standard radio frequency antenna design, which also applies to lasers ... In addition to the Rayleigh criterion Airy's diffraction limit is also frequently used to determine an approximate spot size at an arbitrary distance from the aperture ... The Rayleigh criterion dictates that any radio wave, microwave or laser beam will spread and become weaker and diffuse over distance the larger the transmitter antenna or laser aperture compared to ...
Angular Resolution - Explanation
... from the diameter of the aperture and the wavelength of the light) by the Rayleigh criterion invented by Lord Rayleigh The formal Rayleigh criterion is close to the empirical resolution limit found earlier by the. 4.56/D, with D in inches and θ in arcseconds is slightly narrower than calculated with the Rayleigh criterion A calculation using Airy discs as point spread ... For this case, the Rayleigh criterion reads ...

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