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1706 Establishment - Origins
... Dimensions for ships had been established for the "Thirty Ships" building program of 1677, and while these dimensions saw use until 1695, this was merely because of the success of the 1677 ships and the lack of ... then laid down for the 1691 "Twenty-seven Ships" program to build seventeen eighty-gun and ten sixty-gun double-decked ships of the line, though the dimensions were abandoned before the program was complete ... the Navy Board to determine a set of dimensions for second-rate ships ...
Battle Of Camperdown - De Winter's Cruise - Duncan's Attack
... signal "Prepare for battle" while De Winter organised his ships into a line of battle to meet the British attack in a solid defensive formation, sailing on ... at the Glorious First of June three years earlier and bring each ship through the Dutch line between two opponents, but the Dutch formation and proximity to the shore ... To compensate, Duncan signalled for his ships to form line and sail southeast on the port tack so that they had the wind directly behind them ...

Famous quotes containing the words ships and/or rate:

    I saw three ships go sailing by,
    Over the sea, the lifting sea....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    Unless a group of workers know their work is under surveillance, that they are being rated as fairly as human beings, with the fallibility that goes with human judgment, can rate them, and that at least an attempt is made to measure their worth to an organization in relative terms, they are likely to sink back on length of service as the sole reason for retention and promotion.
    Mary Barnett Gilson (1877–?)