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All toys of this character are officially licensed from General Motors.

  • Transformers Legends Autobot Ratchet (2007)
Released as part of the first wave of movie legends toys, this 3 inch long Hummer H2 is 1/68 scale to the real vehicle. On this toy and all others in the movie line he is called Autobot Ratchet or given some other modifier on the package for trademark purposes.
  • Transformers Legends Rescue Ratchet (2007)
A redeco of Legends Autobot Ratchet. Sold in a 2-pack with Legends Class Decepticon Brawl.
  • Transformers Cyber Slammers Autobot Ratchet (2007)
A Scout Class toy designed for younger children, with a very simple transformation and a pull back motor. The upper portion of the vehicle pops up into robot mode when it hits an object.
  • Transformers Fast Action Battlers Axe Attack Autobot Ratchet (2007)
A five inch tall, lime green version of Movie Legends Autobot Ratchet. This toy is 14 centimeters long in vehicle mode, while a real Hummer H2 is 482 centimeters long. This makes the toy about 1/34 scale.
  • Transformers Voyager Autobot Ratchet (2007)
A highly detailed Voyager class toy featuring Automorph technology, Ratchet is equipped with a foldable battle axe on his right forearm which when folded resembles his gun and a detachable roof rack that doubles as a combat stretcher. This toy is 17.5 centimeters long in truck mode, while a real Hummer H2 is 517 centimeters long. This makes Voyager Class Ratchet about 1/30 scale. With the toy's robot mode standing 19 centimeters tall, the real robot would stand about 19 feet tall.
  • Transformers Voyager Rescue Ratchet (2007)
A redeco of the Voyager toy in white with red detail. The concept artwork for Ratchet during pre-production had him dressed in white and red in homage to his G1 origins; however, the neon green coloring was chosen instead for the film.
  • Transformers Voyager Metallic Autobot Ratchet (2007)
A Best Buy exclusive metallic repaint of the Voyager figure, released simultaneously with the DVD/HD-DVD versions of the film.
  • Transformers 3D Battle Card Game Autobot Ratchet (2007)
Autobot Ratchet among the characters which appeared in the 1st wave of the Transformers 3D Battle Card Game by Wizards of the Coast.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Legends Autobot Ratchet (2009)
A redeco of the toy from the last film.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Fast Action Battlers Autobot Ratchet (2009)
A redeco of the toy from the last film. Pictures of the card first leaked on the internet in February 2009.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Autobot Ratchet (2009)
A Deluxe version of the Ratchet figure that transforms into the SUT version of his vehicle mode.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Desert Tracker Ratchet (2009)
A re-release of the 2007 Voyager Class figure, but with all black parts remolded in gray and some panels painted with sand weathering.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Titanium 3 inch Rescue Ratchet vs. Blackout (2009)
A Toys "R" Us store exclusive gift set featuring redecos of the Ratchet and Blackout figurines.
  • Transformers Voyager Night Ops Ratchet (2010)
A black/green redeco of the 2007 Voyager Class figure.
  • Transformers Deluxe Rescue Ratchet (2010)
A white/red redeco of the 2009 Deluxe Class figure made to resemble his G1 incarnation.
  • Dark of the Moon Burger King Flip Out Autobot Ratchet (2011)
A BK Kids meal toy available at Burger King restaurants in the U.S. The toy consists of a detailed head that opens to reveal a small robot body, giving the overall figure a Bobblehead look. It also has parts that glow in the dark.
  • Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Legion Autobot Ratchet (2011)
An all-new Legion (formerly Legends) mold of Ratchet.
  • Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Legion Autobot Ratchet Lunar Crawler (2011)
A white/blue redeco of Ratchet, bundled with a lunar crawler that transforms into a repair bay.
  • Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Battle in the Moonlight Legion Autobot Ratchet (2011)
A Walmart exclusive gift set featuring a reverse white/green redeco of Ratchet, plus Commander Class Optimus Prime with trailer and Legion Class Crankcase.
  • Dark of the Moon Deluxe Autobot Ratchet (2011)
An all-new Deluxe mold of Ratchet. His Mech Tech weapon is a blaster with a retractable buzzsaw (which can also interact with the Voyager-scale Ratchet; the pegs fit snugly into the holes made for the roof rack/combat stretcher, giving the Voyager a decently scaled version of the buzzsaw on his arm).
  • Dark of the Moon Deluxe Specialist Ratchet (2011)
A red redeco of the 2011 Deluxe figure in a reversed G1 color. Makes a reference to his first concept art.
  • Dark of the Moon Movie Trilogy Ratchet (2012)
A white redeco of the 2011 Deluxe figure in the G1 Diaclone colors. Only in Japan with a white Wheeljack, black Soundwave and small stripes Bumblebee.
  • Dark of the Moon The Scan Series Deluxe Ratchet (2011)
A Toys "R" Us exclusive remold of the Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe figure with light blue highlights in the middle before fading into clear plastic, simulating the effect of vehicle scanning.
  • Dark of the Moon Voyager Autobot Ratchet (2011)
A Target exclusive green/white redeco of the 2007 Voyager Class figure.

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