Rank - Mathematics


  • Rank (linear algebra), rank of a matrix
  • Rank of a partition, number theory
  • Rank of a tensor
  • Rank of a Vector bundle
  • Rank of an abelian group
  • See Cartan subgroup for rank of a Lie group
  • Rank (set theory)
  • Rank (graph theory)
  • Rank (differential topology)
  • Rank-into-rank
  • Rank of a matroid, the maximal size of an independent set
  • Rank of a greedoid, the maximal size of a feasible set
  • Rank of a free module
  • Ranking where values are replaced by their ranking when the data are sorted.
    • Rank test (disambiguation)
    • Mean reciprocal rank
    • Ranking chart
  • Rank (computer programming)
    • Rank (J programming language)
  • Rank (type theory)
  • PageRank, assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents
    • CheiRank, a variant of PageRank
  • TrustRank, semi-automatically separates useful webpages from spam

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