Rammstein - Covers and Adaptations

Covers and Adaptations

Rammstein's songs have been covered by a number of other artists, These include:

  • "Engel" has been covered by several artists:
    • The group Gregorian reworked it as a Gregorian chant for their album The Dark Side.
    • German singer Hildegard Knef recorded a cover of the song.
    • Belgian girls choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers recorded a very quiet, brooding version, contrary to the original.
    • Chilean aggrotech/industrial metal band Vigilante covered it on their 2008 remix album.
    • An obscure Engel parody known as Trüffelschwein was identified over the popular p2p networks of the 1990s. The artist of this unknown, and is often credited to be the work of one of two bands; Knorkator, or Urinstein, although no reliable source has been provided to support either claim. The song is generally thought to be from the album "Angepisst" by Urinstein.
  • "Mein Herz brennt": German composer Torsten Rasch has composed a classical symphonic song-cycle titled "Mein Herz brennt" ("My heart burns"), based on the music of Rammstein, produced by Sven Helbig for Deutsche Grammophon.
  • "Seemann": by Apocalyptica & Nina Hagen. This cover impressed Rammstein so much that they took Apocalyptica as co-headliner on tour with them in Spring 2005, and invited the band on stage to perform "Ohne dich" ("Without you") and "Mein Herz brennt" ("My Heart burns") together. The "Benzin" single also featured a remix of the song, called "Kerosiini" by Apocalyptica.
  • "Ohne dich": remixed (and new vocals added) by Laibach.
  • "Weißes Fleisch": by the German death metal band Debauchery, who covered the song for their Back In Blood album.
  • "Rammstein": a parody by German radio DJ duo Kai & Baltzi renamed "Rindfleisch" aired on Delta Radio around 2001 and was later available as download.
  • "Mein Teil": a bluegrass version appears as a bonus track on the band Hayseed Dixie's 2007 album Weapons of Grass Destruction. The song was also covered by the German jazz metal band Panzerballet on their album Hat Genossen von Abba Zappa as well as by the Pakistani Industrial Metal band Black Warrant in one of their early albums.
  • "Ein Lied": German singer-songwriter Nena (singer of "99 Luftballons" ("99 Red Balloons")) covered the song on her cover album Cover Me.
  • "Du Hast": is also played by the Turkish band maNga, Pakistani industrial metal band Black Warrant, and Chilean metal band Kanatran.
  • "Sonne": German metalcore band Caliban covered the song on their "Coverfield" EP. It is also on disc two of the special edition of their 2012 album I Am Nemesis.
  • A Norwegian tribute band called Rammsund plays Rammstein's songs with lyrics translated into New Norwegian.
  • "Mehr": American thrash/death metal outfit Common Dead released an English cover of "Mehr" from Liebe ist für alle da, with all six band member roles covered by frontman Andrew Laurenson on his lonesome.
  • "Feuer Frei!": Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton recorded a cover of the song as a bonus track for their album Carolus Rex

Rammstein have also done covers themselves, including "Stripped" by Depeche Mode and "Das Model" by Kraftwerk. Also, during 2001, shortly after Joey Ramones death, they covered the song Pet Sematary, on one occasion, on 18 July 2001, in New York, with guests Johnny, Tommy, Marky and Dee Dee Ramones, and Misfits' Jerry Only.

Till Lindemann appears as a guest singer on the Apocalyptica album Worlds Collide. They took on David Bowie's song "Heroes", which was also released in German as "Helden". Lindemann sings the German version, making his song the only German-language song on Worlds Collide.

Rammstein singles traditionally also have a large number of remixes, particularly from Clawfinger.

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