Ramesside Period

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... During the Ramesside Period of Pharaohs, Sepermeru enjoyed some prominence as both a largely populated religious, military, and administrative center for the ... Katary, Land Tenure in the Ramesside Period, p ... Penpmer." (Katary, Land Tenure in the Ramesside Period, pp ...
Tombs At Qurnet Murai
... priest of Monthu, 20th Dynasty TT223 - Karakhamon, first ka(?)-priest, Late Period TT235 - Userhet, High priest of Monthu, 20th Dynasty TT270 - Amenemwia, wab-priest, lector-priest of Ptah-Sokar ... TT272 - Khaemopet Divine Father of Amun in the west, lector-priest of the Sokar temple, Ramesside Period (Dynasty 20) TT273 - Sayemiotf, Scribe in the estate of his lord, Ramesside Period TT274 - Amenwahsu ... Dynasty TT278 - Amenemheb, Herdsman of Amun-Ra, Ramesside Period (Dynasty 20) TT380 - Ankhefen-Re-Horakhty, Chief in Thebes, Ptolemaic Period TT381 - Amenemonet, Messenger of the King to every land, Time of ...

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