Rainbow Coalition

Rainbow Coalition may refer to any of the following groups:

  • Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, a US political organization, originally separate entities named PUSH and the National Rainbow Coalition
  • Green-Rainbow Party, a US political party, originally separate entities named the Massachusetts Green Party and the Rainbow Coalition of Boston
  • Rainbow Coalition (Fred Hampton), an alliance of various US political organizations, including the Young Lords
  • National Rainbow Coalition, a former Kenyan political alliance
  • The 24th Government of Ireland, formed after the previous coalition fell apart
  • A combination of several political parties in Finland, in power between 1995 to 2003 and from 2011
  • The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow Coalition in Israel
  • A group of political parties in Belgium, formed in 1999 under the premiership of Guy Verhofstadt
  • Any Minority Government composed of a coalition of several ideologically unrelated political parties united only by opposition to one or more dominant parties.
  • A dance group based out of Southern California

See also:

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  • Rainbow (political party) of Greece
  • Coalition

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History Of Fine Gael - Rainbow Coalition
... made when Fianna Fáil abandoned one of its "core principles", its opposition to coalition ... Having failed in 1987 and 1989 to win outright majorities, Fianna Fáil entered into a coalition administration with the Progressive Democrats ... predicted that that would leave Fine Gael isolated, with Fianna Fáil able to swap coalition partners to keep itself continuously in power ...
Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Election, 2007 - Election Result - Rainbow Coalition
... of Brahmin votes into the Dalit dominated party, an approach that has been called the rainbow coalition ...
Electoral History Of Jesse Jackson, Jr. - Early Life, Education, and Early Political Career
... His first job after graduation was as an executive director for the Rainbow Coalition ... of the Democratic National Committee's Black Caucus, the national field director of the National Rainbow Coalition and a member of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition ... served as the national field director of the Rainbow Coalition from 1993 to 1995 ...
Rainbow/PUSH - National Rainbow Coalition
... The National Rainbow Coalition (Rainbow Coalition for short) was a political organization that grew out of Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential campaign ... During the campaign Jackson began speaking to a "Rainbow Coalition", an idea created by Fred Hampton, of the disadvantaged and welcomed voters from a broad spectrum of races and creeds ... California, Jackson delivered the Keynote address, entitled "The Rainbow Coalition" ...

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