Railway Crew Management in India - Benefits of Computerization of Crew Management System

Benefits of Computerization of Crew Management System

• All crewing information is readily available through a common data platform.

• All offices are synchronized at all times.

• Graphical User Interface for planning as well as for running daily operations with full checking mechanism.

• Time saving: crewing and payroll data need only be entered once.

• A combined system for crewing and payroll saves time and money

The software solution automates the day-to-day business functions of the crew thereby providing information of their status, rostering their duty allocations, providing information on the availability of crew at their home station and assigning crew to the trains. All this leads to better crew management. CMS has been developed to bring in transparency and greater accuracy of information so that decision makers can take effective business decisions to control crew and optimize on crew utilization. It provides for global tracking of all the crew on the CMS system in real time whether the crew is on train, resting at HQ, resting at outstation, on leave or training.

The system gives the planner optimum flexibility to construct highly efficient crew duty blocks resulting in improved crew utilization based on all national and company legal requirements. This can create corresponding reductions in manpower and costs. The solution architect for the CMS Solution is Environmental friendly and has been designed in such a way that the CMS uses the TFT and thin client technology which saves lot of power for each crew booking locations over the conventional PC's and CRT monitors based system.

CMS is fully integrated, it maintain complete overall day-to-day administrative and operational control of the total crew resources throughout Rail route network. Quickly identifies additional crew resources to meet unforeseen situations. Availability, priority of presentation and any restrictions are listed in accordance with User-defined rules. Automatically identifies illegal or unqualified crews in accordance with pre-defined User rail regulations. Automatically generates crew schedule.

CMS database holds all the necessary information about each crew member including: basic data such as name, address, gender, nationality, date of birth and phone numbers

personal skills such as language speaking and professional skills such as the types of Crew and trainers' qualifications complete record of promotions - changes of rank, Keep a record of all training taken and the dates when they need to be renewed.

To break the monotony of crew while waiting for their turn at the crew booking lobby a quiz has been provided. QUICK implies Quiz for Improving Crew Knowledge. This is a crew knowledge evaluation and improvement Game.

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