Ragnvald or Rognvald is an Old Norse language name (in Old English Rægnald and in Old Irish, Middle Irish Ragnall). It may refer to:

  • Ragnvald the Mountain-High, legendary king of Vestfold
  • Rognvald Eysteinsson (fl. late 9th century), Jarl of Møre
  • Ragnall ua Ímair (died 921), King of York
  • Ragnall mac Gofraid (died c. 944), co-King of York
  • Raghnall mac Gofraidh (died 1229), King of the Isles
  • Rogvolod (mid-10th century), Prince of Polotsk
  • Ragnvald Ingvarsson (10th century), officer of the Varangian Guard
  • Ragnvald Ulfsson the Old, jarl of Vastergotland and possibly father of King Stenkil of Sweden
  • Rognvald Brusason (died c. 1046), Jarl of Orkney
  • Ragnvald Ingesson (late 11th century), only known son and heir of King Inge I of Sweden
  • Rögnvald Kali Kolsson (12th century), Norwegian saint and jarl of part of Orkney
  • Ragnall mac Somairle (12th century), Hebridean magnate
  • Ragnald III of the Isle of Man (ruled 1164)
  • Ragnald IV of the Isle of Man (died 1229)
  • Ragnald V of the Isle of Man (ruled 1248–1250)

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Raonull - List of Cognates
... Danish Ragnvald English Ranald, Reginald, Reynold, Ronald French Reynaud German Reinhold Italian Rinaldo Latin Reginald, Reginaldus Norwegian Ragnvald Old French Reinald ...
Astrid Nialsdotter
... Her husband Ragnvald is usually identified with Ragnvald Ulfsson, the earl of Staraya Ladoga ... sagas mention a wife and two sons to Ragnvald Ulfsson but none are identical with Stenkil or his mother Astrid ...
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... Ragnvald Knaphövde was a King of Sweden whose reign is estimated to the mid-1120s or c ... Ragnvald is mentioned in the regnal list of the Westrogothic law as the successor of King Inge the Younger ... His parentage is uncertain King Inge the Elder of Sweden had a son named Ragnvald, and historian Sven Tunberg has suggested him as identical with Ragnvald Knaphövde ...
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