R-Kioski (known as R-Kiosk in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania) is a chain of convenience stores owned by the Reitan Group. Presently, there are 723 R-Kiosk shops across Finland. They sell a range of products, such as books, magazines, tobacco, ready meals, snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks such as beer and cider, excluding wine and spirits. R-Kioski shops also provide services such as the various "Veikkaus" games, prepaid mobile phone top-up vouchers, and fishing licences, as well as the sale of public transport tickets. Selected shops are also able to sell national rail and bus transport tickets. In 2009 the company posted a turnover of just over 400 million Euros.

The first R-Kioski in Estonia opened in 1993, and as of 2005 there are over 200 shops in Estonia.

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R-Kioski - History
... The name R-Kioski was adopted in 1958 ... On 5 March 2012, it was announced that the Reitan Group bought R-Kioski from Sanoma for roughly 1 billion Norwegian krone ... had been working on the purchase for a decade, but previous negotiations had stranded as R-Kioski had demanded a merger where they owned 51 percent ...