• (verb): Put out, as of fires, flames, or lights.
    Example: "Quench the flames"
    Synonyms: snuff out, blow out, extinguish
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Some articles on quench:

Austempering - Process - Quenching
... As with conventional quench and tempering the material being heat treated must be cooled from the austenitizing temperature quickly enough to avoid the formation of pearlite ... The actual cooling rate is a product of both the quench severity, which is influenced by quench media, agitation, load (quenchant ratio, etc.), and the thickness and geometry of the part ... The most common practice is to quench into a bath of liquid nitrite-nitrate salt and hold in the bath ...
B&R Samizdat Express
... In 2012, they opened their own ebook download store, Quench Editions, as in "quench your thirst for books" ... ("Quench" is the opposite of "kindle ... well on the Kindle and on most other e-readers (not Nook)."Quench Editions" ...
Quench (company)
... Quench is a water technology company that rents and services filtered water coolers (also known as point-of-use or bottleless water coolers) and ice dispensers for more than 25,000 businesses across North America ... Zenith International lists Quench as a leading distributor in the point-of-use (POU) market along with Macke Water Systems and Nestle Waters ... Quench is a privately held company with investments from Element Partners, a private equity firm focused on clean technology, and Virgin Green Fund ("VGF"), a leading growth capital investor targeting companies ...
Lily Quench - Novels in The Series
... Lily Quench and the Dragon of Ashby Lily Quench and the Black Mountains Lily Quench and the Treasure of Mote Ely Lily Quench and the Lighthouse of Skellig Mor Lily Quench and the Magicians' Pyramid Lily Quench and ...
Quench Polish Quench
... Quench polish quench (QPQ) is a specialized type of nitrocarburizing case hardening that increases corrosion resistance, originally developed by the Kolene Company ...

More definitions of "quench":

  • (verb): Electronics: suppress (sparking) when the current is cut off in an inductive circuit, or suppress (an oscillation or discharge) in a component or device.
  • (verb): Suppress or crush completely.
    Example: "Quench a rebellion"
    Synonyms: squelch, quell
  • (verb): Reduce the degree of (luminescence or phosphorescence) in (excited molecules or a material) by adding a suitable substance.
  • (verb): Cool by plunging into cold water.
    Example: "Quench metal"

Famous quotes containing the word quench:

    I know the compassion of others is a relief at first. I don’t despise it. But it can’t quench pain, it slips through your soul as through a sieve. And when our suffering has been dragged from one pity to another, as from one mouth to another, we can no longer respect or love it.
    Georges Bernanos (1888–1948)

    Foul water will quench fire.
    Sixteenth-century British proverb.

    Put out the light, and then put out the light.
    If I quench thee, thou flaming minister,
    I can again thy former light restore
    Should I repent me; but once put out thy light,
    Thou cunning’st pattern of excelling nature,
    I know not where is that Promethean heat
    That can thy light relume.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)