Queen Victoria Building - Queen Victoria Building: Bridging Antiquity and The Contemporary

Queen Victoria Building: Bridging Antiquity and The Contemporary

Due to the great depression during the 1890s, the grand building was originally designed as a haven for craftsmen. However, this primary objective was not easily managed as years of neglect caused sudden threats of demolition. In January 1978, the Hilton Bombing damaged the glass in QVB which led to its replacement in 1979. Fortunately, Ipoh Gardens beautifully restored the building during 1986 and retained its exemplary features including the trachyte stairs, tessellated tiles surfaces, and column capitals. This particular act of preserving the legacy of the past, has paved way to Queen Victoria Building’s survival in the 21st century. Today, the commercial establishment houses high- end fashion stores, cafes, and restaurants which leads us back to the original purpose of the building in the city of Sydney.

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