Putnam (surname)

Putnam (surname)

Putnam is a surname.

The old colonial American and Puritan Putnam family was founded by John and Priscilla Gould Putnam in the 17th century, in Salem, Massachusetts. Many notable individuals are descendants of this family, including most of those listed below.

  • Adam Putnam (born 1974), American politician
  • Ann Putnam, Jr. (1679–1716), American criminal defendant
  • Ashley Putnam (born 1952), opera singer
  • Benjamin A. Putnam (fl. 1810s), American soldier & politician
  • Brenda Putnam (1890–1975), sculptor
  • Carleton Putnam (c. 1902 – 1998), aviator, activist & author
  • Charles Flint Putnam (1854–1882), US naval officer, polar explorer
  • Chris Putnam, famous Facebook employee
  • David Putnam (1898–1918), WWI air ace
  • Frederic Ward Putnam (1839–1915), American anthropologist, Harvard University
  • George Putnam (newsman) (1914–2008), journalist
  • George Haven Putnam (1844–1930), book entrepreneur & publishing-family member
  • George Palmer Putnam (1814–1872), book entrepreneur
  • George P. Putnam (1887–1950), publisher, author, explorer, & publishing-family & aviation-family member
  • Harvey Putnam (1793–1855), U.S. Congressman from New York
  • Herbert Putnam (1861–1955), American library administrator & publishing-family member
  • Hilary Putnam, philosopher
  • Howard Putnam, travel business manager
  • Israel Putnam (1718–1790), American general
  • James Putnam (disambiguation), several people
  • Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi (1842–1906), American physician
  • Michael Putnam (born 1983), American professional golfer
  • Palmer Cosslett Putnam (1900–1984), wind power pioneer and author, builder of the Smith-Putnam wind turbine
  • Robert D. Putnam, political scientist
  • Roger Putnam (1892–1972), American politician and industrialist
  • Rufus Putnam (1738–1824), American soldier
  • Seth Putnam, musician
  • Thomas Putnam (1651–1699), landowner in Salem, Massachusetts, during the Salem witch trials
  • Tracy Putnam (1894–1975), medical researcher, co-discoverer of Phenytoin
  • William LeBaron Putnam (1835–1918), American jurist & politician
  • William Lowell Putnam (1861–1923), American jurist & banker

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    Cut the pie any way you like, “meanings” just ain’t in the head!
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