Pundit may refer to:

  • Pandit or pundit in India, a scholar or expert, especially of traditional Indian law, philosophy, or music
  • Pundit (explorer), a 19th century term to denote native surveyors who explored regions to the north of India for the British Empire
  • Pundit (expert), an expert or opinion-leader who analyzes events in an area of expertise in the popular media

Other articles related to "pundits, pundit":

Sahadeo Tiwari - The Sanatan Dharma Board of Control
... of predominantly orthodox, practising pundits who formed part of a Committee of Management that included Pundit Sahadeo Tiwari (President), Pundit Bhagouti, Pundit Ramnarine, Pundit Dyalchan, Pundit Seereeram ... Jha noted that the group was formed by pundits and the pundits were critical of the Sanatan Dharma Association, another Hindu organization that had a number of Christians on its board ...
Sahadeo Tiwari - Vivaha Samskara
... Pundit Tiwari was the first Pundit to perform a Hindu marriage ceremony or Vivaha Samskara in the day despite opposition from other Pundits who even threatened his ... because of such economic circumstances that Pundit Sahadeo Tiwari felt it best to perform the marriage ceremony of Francis Jairam Bhopalsingh and Rajoo Narayansingh in the day ... a book from India called the Vivah Paddhati, a Hindu manual on the marriage ceremony, Pundit Tiwari was able to silence his opposition against performing the ...
Aad De Mos - Career - Pundit
... Mos was regularly shown on television as a pundit on the former Talpa and the Belgian Sporza ...
Pundit Pivot
... The pundit pivot is a term coined by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show referring to a rhetorical device ... It is the acknowledgment by a pundit that other pundits, or some other group of people, might naturally and wrongly speculate about the explanation or interpretation of an ... This acknowledgment is followed by the pundit themselves making the "inevitable" speculation ...