Puna may refer to:

  • Puna grassland, a type of grassland in the central part of the high Andes
  • Puna (mythology), the king of Hiti-marama or of Vavau in the Tuamotu legend of Rata
  • Puna, Hawaii, a district in the east-southeast portion of the Island of Hawaiʻi
  • Puná Island, an island off the coast of southern Ecuador
    • Battle of Puná, a battle fought between Spanish conquistadors and Puná natives
  • Altiplano or Puna, a region that covers part of Bolivia, Peru, and the northern end of Argentina and Chile
  • Maihueniopsis or Puna, a cactus genus
  • Puna de Atacama, a plateau in the Andes
  • Puna, Pakistan, village in Punjab, Pakistan

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Central Andean Dry Puna - Fauna
... Other remarkable birds are the Darwin's Rhea, Andean Condor, Puna Tinamou, Puna Teal, Puna Ibis and the Andean Goose ...
Puna, Hawaii - Notable People From Puna
... Jason Scott Lee, Actor, owner and creator of Ulua Theatre, Volcano Village resident William "Billy" Kenoi, Mayor of Hawaiʻi County (2008–present) Harry Kim, Mayor of Hawaiʻi County (2000–2008) Joseph Nāwahī, Native Hawaiian legislator, newspaper publisher, and painter Emily Naeole, Hawaiʻi County Councilwoman Abra Moore, Folk-styled rock singer-songwriter William H ... Shipman, Founder of W ...
Puna Mouse
... The Puna Mouse (Punomys lemminus) is a species of rodent in the family Cricetidae ... It is endemic to southern Peru, where it is found in puna habitat at elevations of 4400 to 4900 m in the Cordillera Occidental ...
Lauca National Park - Biology
... The park lies within the Central Andean dry puna ecoregion ... Those include Puna Ibis, Andean Goose, Giant Coot, Puna Tinamou, Silvery Grebe, Crested Duck, Puna Teal, Andean Condor and Chilean Flamingo ... The park's vegetation is adapted to the harsh puna environment, as are the bofedales, llaretales and Andean steppes ...
Compositions By Liliuokalani - Puna Paia ʻAʻala
... Puna Paia ʻAʻala, translated to Puna's Fragrant Bowers, and other translation include Puna's Fragrant Glades and Puna's Sweet Walls ... The setting is the Puna District on the Island of Hawaiʻi, which was renowned for its groves of fragrant hala (Pandanus tectorius) ... these two waltzes are especially evident in the hui, or chorus, of Puna Paia Aʻala ...