Pulsar Wind Nebulae

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Synchrotron Radiation in Astronomy - Pulsar Wind Nebulae
... sources where synchrotron emission is important is the pulsar wind nebulae, or plerions, of which the Crab nebula and its associated pulsar are archetypal ... emission by electrons trapped in the strong magnetic field around the pulsar ...
... A pulsar wind nebula (also known as "plerion", derived from Ancient Greek "pleres" meaning "full"—a term coined by Weiler Panagia ) is a nebula powered by the pulsar wind of a pulsar ... At the early stages (first few thousands of years) of their evolution, pulsar wind nebulae are often found inside the shells of supernova remnants ... However, pulsar wind nebulae have also been found around older pulsars whose supernova remnants have disappeared, including millisecond radio pulsars (e.g ...

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