Pulsar Timing

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Allen Telescope Array - Key Science Goals
... gravitational wave background from massive black holes through pulsar timing Measure molecular cloud and star formation properties using new molecular tracers, to map the star formation. 0.44 ATHIXS, Map The Magnetized Galactic ISM, Pulsar Timing Array, Deep continuum and transient surveys, SETI Targeted Surveys ATA-350 TBD 77 x 66 0.065 1.4 ...
Gravitational Wave Detector - Pulsar Timing Arrays
... A different approach to detecting gravitational waves is used by pulsar timing arrays, such as the European Pulsar Timing Array, the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves, and the ... incoming signals from an array of 20–50 well-known millisecond pulsars ... and expands space in another, the times of arrival of pulsar signals from those directions are shifted correspondingly ...
Transiting Extrasolar Planets - Established Detection Methods - Pulsar Timing
... See also List of extrasolar planets detected by timing A pulsar is a neutron star the small, ultradense remnant of a star that has exploded as a supernova ... Pulsars emit radio waves extremely regularly as they rotate ... Because the intrinsic rotation of a pulsar is so regular, slight anomalies in the timing of its observed radio pulses can be used to track the pulsar ...

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