Puerto Rican Socialist Party

The Puerto Rican Socialist Party (Spanish: Partido Socialista Puertorriqueño, PSP) was a Marxist and pro-independence political party in Puerto Rico seeking the end of United States of America control on the Hispanic and Caribbean island. It proposed a "democratic workers' republic".

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Puerto Rican Socialist Party - Further Reading
... Velázquez (eds.), The Puerto Rican Movement Voices from the Diaspora (Temple University Press, 1998) ISBN 1-56639-618-2 Max Elbaum, Revolution in the Air Sixties Radicals turn to Lenin ... Bernabe, Puerto Rico in the American century ... Quintero Rivera, Workers' Struggle in Puerto Rico (Monthly Review Press, New York, 1977) ISBN 0-85345-392-6 Edwin Meléndez and Edgardo Meléndez, eds ...
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... La Fountain-Stokes's academic writing has focused mostly on queer Puerto Rican culture ... His book Queer Ricans Cultures and Sexualities in the Diaspora (University of Minnesota Press, 2009) discusses LGBT Puerto Rican migration from a cultural studies perspective, with chapters on Luis Rafael Sánche ... Queer Ricans is based on La Fountain-Stokes's Ph.D ...
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    The success of a party means little more than that the Nation is using the party for a large and definite purpose.... It seeks to use and interpret a change in its own plans and point of view.
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    Men conceive themselves as morally superior to those with whom they differ in opinion. A Socialist who thinks that the opinions of Mr. Gladstone on Socialism are unsound and his own sound, is within his rights; but a Socialist who thinks that his opinions are virtuous and Mr. Gladstone’s vicious, violates the first rule of morals and manners in a Democratic country; namely, that you must not treat your political opponent as a moral delinquent.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)