PSR B1620-26

PSR B1620-26 is a binary star system located at a distance of 3,800 parsecs (12,400 light-years) in the globular cluster of Messier 4 (M4, NGC 6121) in the constellation of Scorpius. The system is composed of a pulsar (PSR B1620-26 A) and a white dwarf (WD B1620-26 or PSR B1620-26 B). As of 2000, the system is also confirmed to have an extrasolar planet orbiting the two stars.

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... PSR B1620−26 b was originally detected through the Doppler shifts its orbit induces on signals from the star it orbits (in this case, changes in the apparent ... The PSR B1620-26 system Companion Mass Semimajor axis Orbital period Eccentricity Radius b 2.5 ± 1 MJ 23 ~36,500 low — ...