Psoas Major

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Human Leg - Anatomy - Neurovascular System - Nerves
... by the ventral rami of the first four lumbar spinal nerves (L1-L4), which all pass through psoas major ... The iliohypogastric (T12-L1) and ilioinguinal nerves (L1) emerge out of the psoas major near the muscle's origin, from where they run laterally downward to pass anteriorly above the iliac crest between the ... The genitofemoral nerve (L1, L2) leaves psoas major below the two former nerves, immediately divides into two branches that descends along the muscle's anterior side ...
Psoas Major Muscle
... The psoas major (/ˈsoʊ.əz/) is a long fusiform muscle located on the side of the lumbar region of the vertebral column and brim of the lesser pelvis ... In less than 50 percent of human subjects, the psoas major is accompanied by the psoas minor ...
Lumbar Plexus - Branches
... The iliohypogastric nerve runs anterior to the psoas major on its proximal lateral border to run laterally and obliquely on the anterior side of quadratus ... The genitofemoral nerve pierces psoas major anteriorly below the former two nerves to immediately split into two branches that run downward on the ... The lateral cutaneous femoral nerve pierces psoas major on its lateral side and runs obliquely downward below the iliac fascia ...

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