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  • Universe Animated Series Legends Prowl (2008)
A Micro class toy released in the Universe Legends line.
Almost identical to the Universe toy. The only difference is that it features a silver Autobot symbol instead of a red one. This figure was bundled with Deluxe Rescue Ratchet and Legends Starscream.
  • Animated Deluxe Prowl (2008)
The toy comes with two robot-styled shuriken which are stored on the outer side of his lower legs, and a traffic light on a string (which Prowl never actually used; instead, Bulkhead used it as an improvised weapon once in the series). This figure was sold later in a Walmart exclusive 2-pack with Deluxe battle damaged Megatron.
  • Animated Deluxe Samurai Prowl (2009)
First seen in the second season episode "A Fistful of Energon", this figure is a complete remold of Deluxe Prowl with more points of articulation and a sidecar that transforms into his samurai-themed armor. The sidecar's wheel transforms into a sword/shield combo. Unlike regular Prowl, Samurai Prowl's shuriken do not have retractable blades.
  • Animated TA-05 Deluxe Prowl (Takara Tomy) (2010)
The 2010 Japan version by Takara Tomy sports a red Autobot emblem and chrome silver painted headlights.
Also bundled with TA-13 Voyager Blitzwing.
  • Animated EZ Collection Translucent Prowl (Takara Tomy) (2010)
A Japan-exclusive remold of Universe Legends Prowl in clear smoke plastic. Offered at APiTA stores with the purchase of TA-01 Voyager Optimus Prime or TA-06 Voyager Megatron.
  • Animated TA-34 Deluxe Samurai Prowl (Takara Tomy) (2010, not yet released)
Set for release in Japan on August 2010.
  • Animated TA-05 Deluxe Elite Guard Prowl (Takara Tomy) (2010)
A Tokyo Toy Show exclusive redeco in white and gold.

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