Prosodic Stress

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English Phonology - Prosody - Prosodic Stress
... Prosodic stress is extra stress given to words or syllables when they appear in certain positions in an utterance, or when they receive special emphasis ... According to Ladefoged's analysis (as referred to under Lexical stress above), English normally has prosodic stress on the final stressed syllable in an intonation unit ... made at the lexical level between primary and secondary stress when a word like admiration (traditionally transcribed as something like /ˌædmɨˈre ...
Stress (linguistics)
... Prosodic stress, or sentence stress, refers to stress patterns that apply at a higher level than the individual word – namely within a phrase or sentence ... It may involve a certain natural stress pattern characteristic of a given language, but may also involve the placing of emphasis on particular words because of their relative importance ... An example of a natural prosodic stress pattern is that described for French above stress is placed on the final syllable of a string of words (or if that is a schwa, the next ...

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