Progressive Aspect

  • (noun): The aspect of a verb that expresses its on-going action.

Some articles on progressive, aspect, progressive aspect:

Pluperfect Progressive - Tenses, Aspects and Moods - Aspects - Progressive
... The progressive or continuous aspect is used to denote a temporary action or state that began at a previous time and continues into the present time (or other time of reference) ... Certain stative verbs make limited use of progressive aspect ... Their non-progressive forms (simple or non-progressive perfect constructions) are used in many situations even when expressing a temporary state ...
Pluperfect Progressive - Uses of Verb Combination Types - Simple Present
... tense with "simple" (neither perfect nor progressive) aspect ... This contrasts with the present progressive, which is used for actions taking place at the present moment ... With stative verbs in senses that do not use progressive aspect, to refer to a present or general state, whether temporary, permanent or habitual ...

Famous quotes containing the words aspect and/or progressive:

    Could anything be more indicative of a slight but general insanity than the aspect of the crowd on the streets of Chicago?
    Charles Horton Cooley (1864–1929)

    ... feminist solidarity rooted in a commitment to progressive politics must include a space for rigorous critique, for dissent, or we are doomed to reproduce in progressive communities the very forms of domination we seek to oppose.
    bell hooks (b. c. 1955)