Problem Description

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Canadian Traveller Problem - Problem Description
... Given an instance, a description of how to follow the instance in the best way is called a policy ... To compute an actual description of an optimal policy may be a harder problem ... This differs from the shortest path problem (with strictly positive weights), where repetitions in a walk implies that a better solution exists ...
Planning Domain Definition Language - De Facto Official Versions of PDDL - PDDL1.2
... It separated the model of the planning problem in two major parts (1) domain description and (2) the related problem description ... which are (1) present in every specific problem of the problem-domain (these elements are contained in the domain-description), and those elements, which (2) determine the specific planning-problem (these elements ... Thus several problem-descriptions may be connected to the same domain-description (just like several instances may exist of a class in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) or in OWL (Ontology Web Language) for ...

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    It [Egypt] has more wonders in it than any other country in the world and provides more works that defy description than any other place.
    Herodotus (c. 484–424 B.C.)

    How much atonement is enough? The bombing must be allowed as at least part-payment: those of our young people who are concerned about the moral problem posed by the Allied air offensive should at least consider the moral problem that would have been posed if the German civilian population had not suffered at all.
    Clive James (b. 1939)