Princess Maria Francesca of Savoy - Ancestry


16. Charles Albert of Sardinia
8. Victor Emmanuel II of Italy
17. Maria Theresa of Austria and Tuscany
4. Umberto I of Italy
18. Archduke Rainer of Austria
9. Maria Adelaide of Austria
19. Elisabeth of Savoy-Carignano
2. Victor Emmanuel III of Italy
20. Charles Albert of Sardinia (= 16)
10. Ferdinand, 1st Duke of Genoa
21. Maria Theresa of Austria and Tuscany (= 17)
5. Margherita of Savoy
22. John of Saxony
11. Elizabeth of Saxony
23. Amalie Auguste of Bavaria
1. Princess Maria Francesca of Savoy
24. Sava Petrović-Njegoš
12. Mirko Petrović-Njegoš
25. Angelika Radamović
6. Nicholas I of Montenegro
26. Drago Martinović
13. Anastasija Martinović
27. Stana Martinović
3. Elena of Montenegro
28. Petar Perkov Vukotić
14. Petar Vukotić
29. Stania Milić
7. Milena Vukotić
30. Tadija Voivodić
15. Jelena Voivodić
31. Milica Pavićević
Princesses of Parma by marriage
1st Generation
  • Margaret of Austria*
2nd Generation
  • Infanta Maria of Portugal
3rd Generation
  • Margherita Aldobrandini*
4th Generation
  • Margherita de' Medici
5th Generation
  • none
6th Generation
  • Countess Palatine Dorothea Sophie of Neuburg
7th Generation
  • none
8th Generation
  • none
9th Generation
  • Archduchess Maria Amalia of Austria
10th Generation
  • Infanta Maria Luisa of Spain
11th Generation
  • Princess Maria Teresa of Savoy
12th Generation
  • Louise Marie Thérèse d'Artois
13th Generation
  • Princess Maria Pia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
  • Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal
  • Princess Maria Immacolata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
  • Infanta Adelgundes of Portgual
14th Generation
  • Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria
  • Hedwig de La Rochefoucauld
  • Madeleine de Bourbon*
  • Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
  • Princess Margaret of Denmark
  • Princess Maria Francesca of Savoy
  • Princess Margaret of Thurn and Taxis
  • Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium^!
  • Joan Douglas Dillon*^!
15th Generation
  • Princess Irene of the Netherlands
  • Countess Brigitte of Holstein-Ledreborg
  • Princess Yolande of Broglie-Revel
  • Princess Maria Pia of Savoy
16th Generation
  • Countess Lydia of Holstein-Ledreborg
  • Constance de Ravinel*
  • did not have a royal or noble title by birth
  • also princess of Luxembourg by marriage
  • also princess of Nassau by marriage
Princesses of Savoy
1st generation
  • none
2nd generation
  • Princess Margherita
  • Margherita, Duchess of Anjou
  • Maria, Duchess of Milan
  • Princess Bonne
3rd generation
  • Princess Maria
  • Margherita, Countess of Saint-Pol
  • Charlotte, Queen of France
  • Agnes, Countess of Dunois
  • Maria, Countess of Saint-Pol
  • Bona, Duchess of Milan
  • Princess Anna
4th generation
  • Louise, Duchess of Nemours
  • Philiberta, Duchess of Nemours
  • Antonia, Lady of Monaco
  • Claudina, Countess of Hornes
  • Princess Philippina
  • Princess Margherita
  • Princess Giovanna
5th generation
  • Yolande, Duchess of Savoy
  • Princess Catherine
  • Princess Maria
  • Princess Isabella
6th generation
  • none
7th generation
  • Margherita, Vicereine of Portugal
  • Isabella, Hereditary Princess of Modena
  • Princess Maria Apollonia
  • Princess Francesca Catherina
  • Princess Giovanna
8th generation
  • Luisa Cristina, Princess Maurice of Savoy
  • Margherita Violante, Duchess of Parma
  • Henriette Adelaide, Electress of Bavaria
  • Princess Catherine Beatrice
  • Princess Christine Charlotte
  • Louise, Hereditary Princess of Baden-Baden
  • Marie Jeanne, Duchess of Savoy
  • Marie Françoise, Queen of Portugal
9th generation
  • Maria Vittoria, Countess of Cercenasco*
  • Isabella Luisa, Countess of Lagnasco*
10th generation
  • Maria Adelaide, Dauphine of France
  • Princess Maria Anna
  • Maria Luisa, Queen of Spain
  • Anne Thérèse, Princess of Soubise
  • Marie Jeanne, Mademoiselle de Soissons
  • Louise Philiberte, Mademoiselle de Carignan
  • Françoise, Mademoiselle de Dreux
11th generation
  • Princess Eleonora
  • Princess Maria Luisa
  • Princess Maria Felicita
  • Princess Vittoria Margharita
  • Princess Charlotte
  • Leopoldina, Princess of Melfi
  • Princess Polyxena
  • Gabrielle, Princess of Lobkowicz
  • Maria Luisa, Princess of Lamballe*
  • Caterina, Princess of Paliano
  • Maria Anna Victoria, Duchess in Saxony
12th generation
  • Princess Maria Elisabetta
  • Marie Joséphine, Countess of Provence
  • Maria Teresa, Countess of Artois
  • Maria Anna, Duchess of Chablais
  • Princess Maria Cristina Giuseppina
  • Maria Carolina, Electoral Princess of Saxony
13th generation
  • Maria Beatrice, Duchess of Modena
  • Princess Maria Adelaide
  • Maria Anna, Empress of Austria
  • Maria Teresa, Duchess of Parma
  • Maria Cristina, Queen of the Two Sicilies
  • Elisabeth, Archduchess of Austria
14th generation
  • Princess Maria Cristina
15th generation
  • Maria Clotilde, Princess Napoléon
  • Maria Pia, Queen of Portugal
16th generation
  • Margherita, Queen of Italy*
17th generation
  • Yolanda, Countess of Bergolo
  • Mafalda, Landgravine of Hesse
  • Giovanna, Tsaritsa of Bulgaria
  • Maria Francesca, Princess Luis of Parma
  • Bona Margherita, Princess Konrad of Bavaria*
  • Princess Adelaide*
18th generation
  • Maria Pia, Princess Michael of Parma
  • Maria Gabriella, Mrs Zellinger de Balkany
  • Maria Beatrice, Mrs Reyna-Corvalán y Dillon
  • Margherita, Archduchess of Austria-Este**
  • Maria Cristina, Princess Casimir of the Two Sicilies**
  • Princess Isabella*
19th generation
  • Bianca, Countess Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga**
  • Mafalda, Baroness Lombardo di San Chirico**
20th generation
  • Princess Vittoria
  • Princess Luisa
  • Princess Isabella**

Name Maria Francesca Of Savoy, Princess
Alternative names
Short description
Date of birth 26 December 1914
Place of birth Rome, Italy
Date of death 7 December 2001
Place of death Mandelieu, France

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