Prince Von Bismarck

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1620s - Significant People
... Alexander of Imereti (1609–1660), Imeretian Prince and future King of Imereti Manuel de Almeida of Portugal (1580–1646), Jesuit Missionary and ambassador to the Emperor of Ethiopia Emilio ... of Manchuria (1583–1648), Manchurian prince (brother of Huang Taiji) and military commander Mir Damad of Persia (?–1631), philosopher John Danvers of England (158 ... Fakhr-al-Din II (1572–1635), Lebanese prince and governor of the Ottoman province of Syria, in office (as governor) 1624–1632 Francis Fane, 1st Earl of ...
List Of Military Commanders
... War Hundred Years' War (1337–1360) Battle of Poitiers Edward, the Black Prince Kingdom of England John II of France France in the Middle Ages Philip of Valois, Duke of Orl ... I of Greece Kingdom of Greece Danilo, Crown Prince of Montenegro Kingdom of Montenegro Essad Pasha Toptani Ottoman Empire Hasan Tahsin Pasha Ivan Fichev Kingdom of Bulgaria Janko Vukotić Kingdom of ...
March 4 - Deaths
1210) 1238 – Yuri II, Grand Prince of Vladimir (b. 1189) 1303 – Daniel of Moscow, Russian Saint, Grand Prince of Muscovy (b. 1261) 1484 – Saint Casimir, Prince of Poland (b ...
Bismarck Family - Schönhausen Line
... Karl Alexander von Bismarck (1727–1797) – married in 1762 Christiane Charlotte Gottliebe von Schönfeldt at Werben Jkr ... Ernst Friedrich Alexander von Bismarck (1763–1820) Jkr ... Theodor von Bismarck (1790–1873), married in 1817 Karoline Countess von Bohlen, progenitor of the Bismarck-Bohlen branch Jkr ...

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    Politics is the art of the possible.
    —Otto Von Bismarck (1815–1898)

    You played a party with a prince and Miss de Zuylen. You was shocked, or rather offended, with her unlimited vivacity.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    I curse all negative purism that tells me not to use a word from another language that either expresses something that my own language cannot or does that in a more delicate manner.
    —Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)