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Cassie Layne Winslow - Storylines - Marriages
... the murder of her fiance Hart Jessup, Cassie married Prince Richard Winslow in 2000 on a strictly business arrangement ... the San Cristoballian Republic a legitimate heir to the throne in exchange for Prince Richard aiding her in her financial troubles ... hadn't signed divorce papers, her marriage to Prince Richard was ruled invalid ...
March 26 - Births
1936) 1871 – Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana'ole of the Kingdom of Hawaii (d. 1965) 1876 – Prince William of Wied (d. 1940 – Nancy Pelosi, American politician 1941 – Richard Dawkins, British biologist 1941 – Yvon Marcoux, Canadian politician 1942 – Erica Jong, American author 1943 ...
Prince Richard, Duke Of Gloucester - Ancestry - Patrilineal Descent - House of Wettin
... Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, 1784–1844 Albert, Prince Consort, 1819–1861 Edward VII of the United Kingdom, 1841–1910 George V of the United Kingdom, 1865–1936 The Prince ...
Kaeru No Tame Ni Kane Wa Naru - Plot - Major Characters
... The Sabure Prince (sometimes referred to as Prince Sabure, Prince of Sabure, Prince Sablé, Prince of Sablé, Prince Sable or Prince of Sable) - The main protagonist of the game (nam ... He always loses against Prince Richard when they fence ... This upbringing has had the side-effect of giving the Sabure Prince the idea that any problem can somehow be solved by tossing cash at it, which he does many times in the game ...

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    Methinks King Richard and myself should meet
    With no less terror than the elements
    Of fire and water, when their thundering shock
    At meeting tears the cloudy cheeks of heaven.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    If English is spoken in heaven ... God undoubtedly employs Cranmer as his speechwriter. The angels of the lesser ministries probably use the language of the New English Bible and the Alternative Service Book for internal memos.
    Charles, Prince Of Wales (b. 1948)