Prince Alois of Liechtenstein - Duties


Until 1996, Alois worked at a London auditing company. In May of that year, he returned to Vaduz and became active in managing his father's finances and took an increasingly active role in political discussions and consultations, and in assuming representative duties for Liechtenstein.

On Liechtenstein Day (15 August) in 1990, he and his father publicly and jointly swore to uphold the Constitution.

Hans-Adam II retained the sweeping powers (the right to veto laws and elect judges) in a Constitutional referendum in 2003.

On Liechtenstein Day in 2004, Hans-Adam II formally turned the power of making day-to-day governmental decisions over to his son as a way of preparing for the transition to a new generation. (Hans-Adam remains Head of State).

On 27 November 2005, Liechtenstein voters rejected an initiative that would prohibit abortion and birth control in the principality. Instead, a government-sponsored counter proposal was ratified. The pro-life initiative was supported by Roman Catholic Archbishop Wolfgang Haas. Alois was initially sympathetic to the pro-life proposal, but became neutral during the run-up to the vote.

In 2011, Alois threatened to exercise his royal veto if voters approved a forthcoming referendum to legalize abortion in the principality. Such a veto was not necessary as the voters rejected the proposal.

Following Alois threatening to veto the referendum if it had legalized abortion, the "Damit deine Stimme zählt" ("So that your voice counts") initiative was launched to change the constitution to prevent the Prince from vetoing legislation approved in referendums. The referendum was held on 1 July 2012 and 76% of voters upheld the Prince's power to veto referendum results.

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