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Emmeline Pankhurst - Women's Social and Political Union - Conciliation, Force-feeding, and Arson
... Although Pankhurst was allowed to enter Parliament, Prime Minister Asquith refused to meet her ... Later, the Asquith government enacted the Cat and Mouse Act, which allowed similar releases for other suffragettes facing ill-health due to hunger ... After Prime Minister Asquith had visited the Theatre Royal in Dublin, suffragette activists Gladys Evans, Mary Leigh, Lizzie Baker and Mabel Capper of Oxford Street, Manchester attempted ...
George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl Of Aberdeen - Prime Minister, 1852–1855
... Thus Lord Aberdeen, a Peelite, became Prime Minister and headed a coalition ministry of Whigs and Peelites ... British relations with France had scarcely improved since 1815.As prime minister, the Earl of Aberdeen was one of these officials, who feared France ... as the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the Whig government of Prime Minister Lord John Russell ...
October Crisis - Timeline
10 Montreal, Quebec Members of the Chenier Cell approach the home of the Minister of Labour of the province of Quebec, Pierre Laporte, while he is playing football with his nephew on his front ... October 13 Prime Minister Trudeau is interviewed by the CBC with respect to the military presence ... Prime Minister Trudeau makes a broadcast announcing the imposition of the War Measures Act ...
Irish Free State - Northern Ireland "opts Out"
... The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Sir James Craig, speaking in the Parliament in October 1922 said that “when the 6th of December is passed the month ... Prime Minister Craig left for London with the memorial embodying the address on the night boat that evening, 7 December 1922 ... the following day, The Times reporting On 13 December 1922 Prime Minister Craig addressed the Parliament informing them that the King had responded to the Parliament’s address as follows ...
August 11 - Births
1482) 1648 – Jeremiah Shepard, American minister (d. 1912) 1872 – Kijūrō Shidehara, Japanese politician, 44th Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1970) 1898 – Peter Mohr Dam, Faroese politician, 3rd Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands (d ...

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    One wants in a Prime Minister a good many things, but not very great things. He should be clever but need not be a genius; he should be conscientious but by no means strait-laced; he should be cautious but never timid, bold but never venturesome; he should have a good digestion, genial manners, and, above all, a thick skin.
    Anthony Trollope (1815–1882)

    The ingrained idea that, because there is no king and they despise titles, the Americans are a free people is pathetically untrue.... There is a perpetual interference with personal liberty over there that would not be tolerated in England for a week.
    —Margot Asquith (1864–1945)

    Vanessa wanted to be a ballerina. Dad had such hopes for her.... Corin was the academically brilliant one, and a fencer of Olympic standard. Everything was expected of them, and they fulfilled all expectations. But I was the one of whom nothing was expected. I remember a game the three of us played. Vanessa was the President of the United States, Corin was the British Prime Minister—and I was the royal dog.
    Lynn Redgrave (b. 1943)

    [T]he dignity of parliament it seems can brook no opposition to it’s power. Strange that a set of men who have made sale of their virtue to the minister should yet talk of retaining dignity!
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)