Primary Structure

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Cold Formed Steel - Application in Buildings - Connectors and Fasteners in Framing
... studs, joists) to each other or to the primary structure for the purpose of load transfer and support ... connections are designed to allow deflection of the primary structure in the vertical direction due to live load, or in the horizontal direction due to wind or seismic loads, or both vertical ... is to isolate non-axial load bearing walls (drywall) from the vertical live load of the structure and to prevent damage to finishes ...
Biomolecular Structure - Primary Structure
... In biochemistry, the Primary structure of a biological molecule is the exact specification of its atomic composition and the chemical bonds connecting those atoms (including stereochemistry) ... of DNA, RNA or typical intracellular protein), the primary structure is equivalent to specifying the sequence of its monomeric subunits, e.g ... Primary structure is sometimes mistakenly termed primary sequence, but there is no such term, as well as no parallel concept of secondary or tertiary sequence ...
Levels of Protein Structure - Primary Structure
... The primary structure refers to amino acid linear sequence of the polypeptide chain ... The primary structure is held together by covalent or peptide bonds, which are made during the process of protein biosynthesis or translation ... The primary structure of a protein is determined by the gene corresponding to the protein ...
Protein Primary Structure - Primary Structure of Polypeptides
... polypeptides are unbranched polymers, so their primary structure can often be specified by the sequence of amino acids along their backbone ... However, proteins can become cross-linked, most commonly by disulfide bonds, and the primary structure also requires specifying the cross-linking atoms, e.g ...

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