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Complete Psionic - Contents - Prestige Classes
... In addition to the new standard classes, Complete Psionic also introduces eight new prestige classes, adding to the nine in the Expanded Psionics Handbook and the smaller number printed in other Wizards of the ... The Ebon Saint is a prestige class designed mainly for the lurk class, but also available to certain rogues ... The Ectopic Adept, a prestige class for shapers which improves on the psionic power 'astral construct', the creation of deadly constructs from ectoplasm ...
World Of Eberron - The Dragonmarked Houses
... or Greater Dragonmark feat or taking levels in the Dragonmark Heir prestige class ... can be gained by taking the appropriate feats or taking levels in the Dragonmark Heir prestige class ... A Siberys mark is gained by taking the Heir of Siberys prestige class ...

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