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Product Lines

In Canada, PC products are generally sold only at Loblaw-owned or affiliated stores. One notable exception is President's Choice beer, which in Ontario is only available at The Beer Store due to provincial laws on the sale of alcohol (although it is also sold at Real Canadian Liquorstore locations in Alberta, where private liquor stores are permitted, and Loblaw-owned or -affiliated stores in Quebec, where supermarkets are allowed to sell beer and wine).

In addition to the main President's Choice line of products, the brand also features seven specialized product lines:

  • Teddy's Choice: products for infants
  • Mini Chefs: food for 5- to 10 year-olds
  • Organics: organic food
  • All Canadian: meat-products produced and distributed specifically in British Columbia, and previously for a short time in Alberta
  • Blue Menu: food marketed to health-conscious consumers. Blue Menu products often have lower fat content or healthier ingredients such as whole grains.
  • Green: products that are marketed as being more "environmentally-friendly." (For example, advertisements for PC GREEN Toilet Bowl Cleaner state that it is "100% chlorine-free" so there are "...fewer toxic substances going into our water.")
  • Black Label: high-end and sometimes imported products.

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