Presidential Elector

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Lorenzo Danford
... He served as presidential elector on the American Party ticket in 1856 ... Presidential elector for Lincoln/Johnson in 1864 ... Presidential elector in 1892 for Harrison/Reid ...
Speaker Of The Indiana House Of Representatives - List of Speakers (Since Statehood, 1816-)
... Smiley Jacksonian Dunlapsville, Union County December 7, 1829 January 30, 1830 (1788–1878) 1828 Presidential Elector Lived to age of 90 Isaac Howk Anti-Jacksonian Clark County December 6, 1830 February 10, 1831 (1793 ... County December 2, 1833 February 3, 1834 (1790–1875) 1832 Presidential Elector State Treasurer (1834–41) 1841 Congressional Candidate James Gregory Anti-Jacksonian Warren ... Senate Candidate 1844 Presidential Elector Samuel Judah Whig Vincennes, Knox County December 7, 1840 February 15, 1841 (1798–1869) US Attorney for Indiana (1829–33) 1831 U.S ...
William Floyd - Biography
... Floyd was a presidential elector in 1792, voting for George Washington and George Clinton ... Floyd was again a presidential elector in 1800, voting for Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr and in 1804, voting for Thomas Jefferson and George Clinton ... In 1820, Floyd was again chosen a presidential elector, but did not attend the meeting of the electoral college, and Martin Van Buren was appointed to fill the vacancy ...

Famous quotes containing the word presidential:

    Because of these convictions, I made a personal decision in the 1964 Presidential campaign to make education a fundamental issue and to put it high on the nation’s agenda. I proposed to act on my belief that regardless of a family’s financial condition, education should be available to every child in the United States—as much education as he could absorb.
    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–1973)