Pre-Madonna is a collection of demos by American recording artist Madonna. The album was released in 1997 by Stephen Bray, who was the producer of the songs when they were recorded, and was distributed by Soultone. The demo album was titled In the Beginning in European countries. Madonna met up with Bray, her former boyfriend, in 1980 when she was trying to establish her musical career. She had left the band Breakfast Club, and enlisted Bray's help to set up her new band. Together they started writing and composing songs, and recorded them at New York's Music Building studio. The songs recorded at that time were released in Pre-Madonna.

Although not authorized by Madonna, Bray decided to release them by remixing some of the tracks, and keeping the others in their original form. Included were the demo versions of "Everybody" and "Burning Up" which Madonna used for her self-titled debut album. Bray chose to coincide the release of the album with the birth of Madonna's daughter Lourdes, to cash-in the publicity. The album received mixed reviews, with some critics deeming the release as unnecessary, while others were delighted to hear Madonna's original recordings.

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