Pradal Serey - Life As A Neak Pradal

Life As A Neak Pradal

Most Neak Pradal (Cambodian boxer) come from a poor background and compete to earn money to feed their families and themselves. Their average from age 14 to 25. Top keilakors (kickboxers) can have as many as 300 fights in their careers.

Neak Pradal were traditionally paid by the crowd. If the crowd appreciated the boxer's efforts, they would reward him with food, alcohol and cash. This practice still continues today but, in line with western practice, bouts pay official fees. Until recently the average purse for a fight was US$15. Today purses are based on experience. A new Neak Pradal can earn US$25 per fight. More experienced Neak Pradal's with more than a dozen fights can earn up to $75. "Brand name" Neak Pradal's can earn over $100 a fight. Special purse fights will pay up to $250 with the purse contributed by a corporate sponsor. "International" tournaments, organised by the broadcasters, will pay individual purses of up to $1000, sometimes higher.

Some of the best Pradal Serey champions come from the Battambang Province although a number of big name stars have come via Southern Cambodia such as Eh Phoutong from Koh Kong Province, Thun Sophea from Svay Rieng Province and Meas Chantha and Seng Makara from Kandal Province. Neak Pradal train in a gym under a Pradal Serey kru. Many boxers train 6–8 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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