Possessive Interrogative

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Old Church Slavonic Grammar - Pronouns - Interrogative Pronoun and Adjective
... Interrogative pronoun - Masculine, Feminine Neuter N kъto čьto (čь) G kogo česo (česogo, čьso, čьsogo) D komu česomu (čьsomu, čemu) A kogo čьto L ... occurring in some of the oblique cases have been listed in parentheses Interrogative adjective (pronoun) - Singular Dual Plural - Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter ...
Roviana Language - Syntax
1EXC 3 ... SG gequ gemu/gena PL gada gemami gemi/gedi The possessive for food is prefixed ge or ga gemi ginani 'your food' 1INC 1EXC 3 ... SG equ emu/ena PL eda emami ... hiroi hiroi mua buka those are your books Nouns Nouns of the second class are used with separate possessive words such as Imperative and Interrogative sentences -Interrogative sentences- Wh-qu ... initial) and optionally is followed by the focal particle si for example, Interrogative morphemes are frequently preceded by the disjunctive particle na Relative clauses on A ...

Famous quotes containing the word possessive:

    The narcissistic, the domineering, the possessive woman can succeed in being a “loving” mother as long as the child is small. Only the really loving woman, the woman who is happier in giving than in taking, who is firmly rooted in her own existence, can be a loving mother when the child is in the process of separation.
    Erich Fromm (20th century)