Positive Void Coefficient

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Void Coefficient - Reactor Designs
... Boiling water reactors generally have negative void coefficients, and in normal operation the negative void coefficient allows reactor power to be adjusted by changing the rate of water ... However, the negative void coefficient can cause an unplanned reactor power increase in events (such as sudden closure of a steamline valve) where the reactor pressure is suddenly increased ... In addition, the negative void coefficient can result in power oscillations in the event of a sudden reduction in core flow, such as might be caused by a recirculation pump failure ...
The Temporal Void
... The Temporal Void is a science fiction novel by British writer Peter F ... Hamilton, the second in his The Void Trilogy, which was released on 3 October 2008 ... The events in the book follow on from those in The Dreaming Void ...
Sentry (Robert Reynolds) - Powers and Abilities - Void
... It has been claimed that for every benevolent act the Sentry performs, the Void corresponds with attempting an act of malevolence ... He was formerly unaware that the Void was a false personality, but has since been informed otherwise ... Several reasons for the existence of the Void have been given the innate division between good and evil in any nominally normal person a "mind virus" put into ...
Star Craft II: Legacy Of The Void - Development
... Swarm, revolving around the Zerg, and finally Legacy of the Void, devoted to the Protoss ... Little to no development was going into Legacy of the Void in 2008 ... Work had started on Legacy of the Void story, scripts and missions by March 2013, as Heart of the Swarm neared release ...
Void - Other Uses
... Void, in Accounting, of a transaction, canceled or reversed as if it never happened Void (law), something that has no legal effect Void (cards), to have no cards of a particular suit in one's hand during a card ...

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    Whoever influences the child’s life ought to try to give him a positive view of himself and of his world. The child’s future happiness and his ability to cope with life and relate to others will depend on it.
    Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)

    California is a queer place—in a way, it has turned its back on the world, and looks into the void Pacific. It is absolutely selfish, very empty, but not false, and at least, not full of false effort.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)