Popish Plot

The Popish Plot was a fictitious conspiracy concocted by Titus Oates that gripped Great Britain (then governed by the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland) in Anti-Catholic hysteria between 1678 and 1681. Oates alleged that there existed an extensive Catholic conspiracy to assassinate Charles II, accusations that led to the execution of at least 15 men and precipitated the Exclusion Bill Crisis. Eventually Oates' intricate web of accusations fell apart, leading to his arrest and conviction for perjury.

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Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl Of Shaftesbury - Biography - Restoration Politician, 1660–1683 - Leader of Opposition To Danby, 1674–1678
... to restrict the power of the nobility was part of a plot to rule the country through a standing army ... and September 1678, Titus Oates made accusations that there was a Popish Plot to assassinate the king, overthrow the government, and massacre English Protestants ... had simply made up most of the details of the plot, and that there was no elaborate Popish Plot ...
Popish Plot - Gallery of Playing Cards
... informer William Bedloe Titus Oates uncovers plot Magistrate Edmund Berry Godfrey with Oates William Brooks, Alderman of Dublin Thomas Pickering, Benedictine ...
Miles Prance
... Roman Catholic who was caught up in and perjured himself during the Popish Plot and the anti-Catholicism of London during the reign of Charles II ... had been militating against Jesuits around the time of the Popish Plot ... confidence trickster and later a Popish Plot accuser, investigated Prance and interrogated one John Wren, Prance's lodger who owed rent ...
Catherine Of Braganza - Catholicism - The Popish Plot
... Further information Popish plot The Test Act of 1673 had driven all Catholics out of public office and anti-Catholic feelings intensified in the years to come ... and it was hardly surprising that the Popish Plot of 1678 would directly threaten her position ...
George Treby (judge) - Political Career
... In November 1678 Titus Oates revealed details of the Popish Plot, and Treby acted as chairman of the Committee of Secrecy dedicated to investigating it ... He became Chairman of the Elections Committee, and continued to investigate the Popish Plot, helping introduce the second Exclusion Bill to Parliament ... Howard, the first lord to be arrested as part of the Popish Plot ...

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