Pop Art (disambiguation)

Pop art is a visual art movement that emerged in the 1950s in Britain and the United States

Pop art may also refer to:

  • PopArt: Pet Shop Boys – The Hits, an album by the UK electronic music duo Pet Shop Boys
  • Pop Art (album), the debut album from UK pop/rock band Transvision Vamp
  • "Pop Art", a short story by an American author, Joe Hill
  • Pop Art, the debut album by UK pop musician MPHO

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Post-Breton Surrealism
... Some arthistorians suggest that World War II effectively disbanded the movement ... However, arthistorian Sarane Alexandrian (1970) states, "the death of André Breton in 1966 marked the end of Surrealism as an organized movement." There have ... The former curator of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Michael Bell, has called this style "veristic Surrealism", which depicts with meticulous clarity and great ...
Art, Class, and Value
... Artis sometimes perceived as belonging exclusively to higher social classes ... In this context, artis seen as an upper-class activity associated with wealth, the ability to purchase art and the leisure required to pursue or enjoy it ... illustrate this view such vast collections of artare the preserve of the rich, of governments and wealthy organizations ...

Famous quotes containing the words pop and/or art:

    Every man has been brought up with the idea that decent women don’t pop in and out of bed; he has always been told by his mother that “nice girls don’t.” He finds, of course, when he gets older that this may be untrue—but only in a certain section of society.
    Barbara Cartland (b. 1901)

    One of the greatest difficulties in civil war is, that more art is required to know what should be concealed from our friends, than what ought to be done against our enemies.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)