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Arthur Polonsky
... Arthur Polonsky (born 1925) is an American draughtsman, painter and academic ... Born in Lynn, Massachusetts to East European Jewish immigrants, Polonsky is a graduate of the Boston Museum School, where he was a student of Karl Zerbe ... Upon returning to the States, Polonsky launched his career as an artist and academic ...
Pinchas Polonsky - Published Works
... Polonsky, Pinchas (2009) ... - opus magnum Polonsky, Pinchas (2009) ... ISBN 978-1479161027 Polonsky, Pinchas (2010-2012) ...
Yakov Polonsky
... Yakov Petrovich Polonsky (Russian Яков Петрович Полонский, 18 December 1819 – 30 October 1898) was a leading Pushkinist poet who tried ... Of noble birth, Polonsky attended the Moscow University, where he befriended Apollon Grigoryev and Afanasy Fet ... Polonsky's early poetry is generally regarded as his finest one of his first published poems was even copied by Nikolai Gogol into his notebook ...
Abraham Polonsky - Career - Hollywood Blacklist
... Polonsky's career as a director and credited writer came to an abrupt halt after he refused to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1951 ... While blacklisted, Polonsky continued to write film scripts under various pseudonyms that have never been revealed ... It is known that Polonsky, along with Nelson Gidding, co-wrote Odds Against Tomorrow (1959), in which Polonsky's name was initially dropped from the film credits ...
Abraham Polonsky - Later Life
... In 1968, Polonsky was the screenwriter for Madigan, a police noir, and Polonsky used his own name in the credits ... After a prolonged absence, Polonsky returned to directing in 1969 with the Western film Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, a tale of a fugitive Native American pursued by a posse, which Polonsky ... Polonsky was an uncredited scriptwriter for Mommie Dearest (1981), based on Christina Crawford's memoirs of her adoptive mother Joan Crawford, and The Man Who Lived at the Ritz (1981), based a novel by A.E ...

Famous quotes containing the word polonsky:

    Do you know what it’s like to love and be alone?
    —Abraham Polonsky (b. 1910)

    Kids win this’n’that every day. Thousands of them. One out of a hundred fights professionally. One out of a thousand’s worth watchin’, one out of a million’s worth coffee and doughnuts.
    —Abraham Polonsky (b. 1910)

    I found my brother’s body at the bottom there, where they had thrown it away on the rocks, by the river. Like an old, dirty rag nobody wants. He was dead. And I felt I had killed him. I turned back to give myself up.... Because if a man’s life can be lived so long and come out this way, like rubbish, then something was horrible, and had to be ended one way or another. And I decided to help.
    —Abraham Polonsky (b. 1910)