Political Positions of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Political Positions Of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Tenure as Secretary of State, 2009–2013
Campaign for the Presidency, 2007–2008
Presidential primaries, 2008
United States Senate career, 2001–2009
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Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former U.S. Senator from New York and candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, has taken positions on many political issues through her public comments and her senatorial voting record.

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Political Positions Of Hillary Rodham Clinton - Social Policy - Internet Neutrality
... Senator Clinton on May 18, 2006 released a statement outlining her intentions to be an original cosponsor of the Internet Freedom Preservation Act, also ... Clinton reiterated her support for net neutrality on January 9, 2007, when the Internet Freedom Preservation Act was reintroduced "As evidenced by the diverse coalition of the consumer, business and citizen ...

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    I am surprised at the way people seem to perceive me, and sometimes I read stories and hear things about me and I go “ugh.” I wouldn’t like her either. It’s so unlike what I think I am or what my friends think I am.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton (b. 1947)

    What we have to do ... is to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our differences without fracturing our communities.
    —Hillary Rodham Clinton (b. 1947)

    For all the injustices in our past and our present, we have to believe that in the free exchange of ideas, justice will prevail over injustice, tolerance over intolerance and progress over reaction.
    —Hillary Rodham Clinton (b. 1947)

    Being a [Chicago] Cubs fan prepares you for life—and Washington.
    —Hillary Rodham Clinton (b. 1947)

    A sincere and steadfast co-operation in promoting such a reconstruction of our political system as would provide for the permanent liberty and happiness of the United States.
    James Madison (1751–1836)

    An ... important antidote to American democracy is American gerontocracy. The positions of eminence and authority in Congress are allotted in accordance with length of service, regardless of quality. Superficial observers have long criticized the United States for making a fetish of youth. This is unfair. Uniquely among modern organs of public and private administration, its national legislature rewards senility.
    John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908)

    What you don’t understand about this town is that they can fight about issues all they want, but they don’t really care about them. What they really care about is who they sit next to at dinner.
    Anonymous “Prominent Woman,” Washington, DC, socialite. As quoted in The Agenda, ch. 20, by Hillary Rodham Clinton, to Bob Woodward (1994)