Political Crises

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States And Social Revolutions - Synopsis - Chapter 3: Agrarian Structures and Peasant Insurrections
... Skocpol states that societal political crises alone were not sufficient enough to produce social-revolutionary situations in France, Russia, and China ... the old agrarian class relations and weakened the military and political supports for liberalism or counterrevolution ... Because of political and social marginality as well as socio-economic immobility, peasants must bear the burden of combinations of taxes, rents, interest rates, and discriminatory prices ...
Workers' Party (Brazil) - Political Crises - 2006 Electoral Scandal
... A new scandal was unfolded in September 2006, just two weeks before general elections ... As a result, Berzoni left the coordination of Lula's re-election after an alleged use of PT's budget (which is partially state-funded, through party allowances) to purchase, from a confessed fraudster, a dossier that would be used to attack political adversaries ...

Famous quotes containing the words crises and/or political:

    I am not fooling myself with dreams of immortality, know how relative all literature is, don’t have any faith in mankind, derive enjoyment from too few things. Sometimes these crises give birth to something worth while, sometimes they simply plunge one deeper into depression, but, of course, it is all part of the same thing.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)

    All over this land women have no political existence. Laws pass over our heads that we can not unmake. Our property is taken from us without our consent. The babes we bear in anguish and carry in our arms are not ours.
    Lucy Stone (1818–1893)