Polish Air Forces in France and Great Britain - Polish Volunteer Wings in Allied Air Forces, 1940-45 - United Kingdom

United Kingdom

  • Royal Air Force (Home Command), June 6, 1944
    • RAF Bomber Command*
      • No. 1 Bomber Group
        • No. 300 Polish Bomber Squadron "Masovia" RAF Faldingworth (Avro Lancaster Mk. I & III)
        • No. 301 Polish Bomber Squadron "Pomerania" RAF Faldingworth (Handley Page Halifax Mk. III)
  • Allied Expeditionary Air Force
    • Air Defence of Great Britain
      • No. 11 (Fighter) Group
      • No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron "Kosciuszko" Horne (Supermarine Spitfire Mk VB)
      • No. 307 Polish Fighter Squadron "City of Lwow" Church Fenton (De Havilland Mosquito Mk-NF.XIII)
    • No. 12 (Fighter) Group
      • No. 309 Polish Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron "Czerwien" "B" (Flight) Hutton Cranswick (Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIC)
      • No. 316 Polish Fighter Squadron "City of Warsaw" RAF Coltishall (North American Mustang III)
    • No. 13 Fighter Group
      • No. 309 Polish Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron "Czerwien" "A" (Flight) RAF Drem (Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIC)
  • 2nd Tactical Air Force
    • No. 305 Polish Bomber Squadron "Greater Poland" Lasham (de Havilland Mosquito F.B. Mk VI)
  • No. 84 Group RAF
    • 131 Wing
      • No. 302 Polish Fighter Squadron "City of Poznan" Chailey (Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX)
      • No. 308 Polish Fighter Squadron "City of Krakow" Chailey (Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX)
      • No. 317 Polish Fighter Squadron "City of Wilno" Chailey (Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX)
      • II Corps (Poland)
      • No. 318 Polish Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron "City of Gdansk" Chailey (Supermarine Spitfire P.R. Mk. IX)
      • No. 663 Polish Artillery Observation Squadron (Italy) (British Taylorcraft Auster III, IV and V)
    • 133 Wing
      • No. 306 Polish Fighter Squadron "City of Torun" Coolham (North American Mustang III)
      • No. 315 Polish Fighter Squadron "City of Deblin" Coolham (North American Mustang III)
  • Coastal Command
    • No 19 (GR) Group
      • No. 304 Polish Bomber Squadron "Silesia" RAF Chivenor (Vickers Wellington Mk. XIV)
  • Polish Fighting Team
    • Polski Zespół Myśliwski (Polish Fighting Team) (also known as Skalski's Circus) (Supermarine Spitfire F VB Trop and VC, later Supermarine Spitfire F IXC)
  • RAF West Kirby (England) - First base
  • In African area
    • Bu Grara
    • La Fauconnerie
    • Goubrine
    • Hergla
    • Ben Gardane

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