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Type Soundness - Type Safety Issues in Specific Languages - C
... error is generated when an attempt is made to convert a pointer to one type of structure to a pointer to another type of structure, unless an explicit cast is used ... Something like printf("%s", 12), which erroneously tells the function to expect a pointer to a character-string, will be accepted by compilers, but will produce ... that use these conversions are very common, and have helped to give C a type-unsafe reputation ...
C (programming Language) - Data Types - Pointers
... C supports the use of pointers, a type of reference that records the address or location of an object or function in memory ... Pointers can be dereferenced to access data stored at the address pointed to, or to invoke a pointed-to function ... Pointers can be manipulated using assignment or pointer arithmetic ...
Pointer (computer Programming) - Support in Various Programming Languages - C and C++
... In C and C++ pointers are variables that store addresses and can be null ... Each pointer has a type it points to, but one can freely cast between pointer types (but not between a function pointer and non-function pointer type) ... A special pointer type called the “void pointer” allows pointing to any (non-function) variable type, but is limited by the fact that it cannot be dereferenced directly ...

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